travel more. spend less.

Don’t think you can afford to travel? Well, you’re wrong. And you’re not alone.

Most people spend hundreds of unnecessary dollars on travel, and have no idea how much they could be saving.

My name is Jinna, and I used to be just like you. I used to save up for vacations, instead of real travels. I got caught in tourist traps during high seasons and booked tickets at the most inconveniently expensive times. Because I didn’t know any better.

Hey! It’s a traveling selfie of me in London, Portugal, Spain and Malaysia!

But that all changed a few years ago. I went from having no job, no apartment and no purpose – to traveling through over 30 countries in 4 years.  I used specific tools and strategies to save more money, find cheaper flights, and spend less while abroad.

I even discovered how to travel for absolutely free (not kidding).  And if I can travel the globe smarter, cheaper, and longer – so can you.

And to help, I’m sharing the tools and strategies I’ve personally used to score cheaper flights to anywhere in the world, and even travel for free – in as little as 3 months.

TRAVEL MORE, SPEND LESS” has helped people save hundreds of dollars on their upcoming travels, and I know it will save you money too.

But don’t just take my word for it, here are words from just two people who have saved money from reading my guide:


“I saved $300 on my flight to Asia, and was even able to squeeze in a trip to Europe on the way. I would’ve never even thought to use that strategy to book my flight if I hadn’t read your e-guide.” – JV, New York City

“I realized that I had been thinking about traveling all wrong. I was so busy making excuses for why I couldn’t afford to travel. Reading your guide helped me put things into perspective and get started with small steps. I finally saved up enough money to fly to Spain in two months and I couldn’t be more excited! Thank you.” – Melissa, Vancouver

If you are:

+ Dying to travel, but don’t know how to start planning.
+ Convinced all traveling is way too expensive, and not sure how to budget accordingly.
+ Someone who doesn’t know how to strategically book flights to save money.

This guide will:

+ Help you get closer to your travel goals.
+ Teach you how to save money to travel.
+ Show you how and when to book cheaper flights.
+ Provide strategies on how to travel for longer periods of time.
+ Change how you think about travel itself.

There’s no magic here. You’ll find specific, actionable strategies to help you travel cheaper, smarter and longer. So, what are you waiting for?