What to Take with You During a Hike

Are you feeling stuck in your everyday routine? If so, hiking is the best way to escape and refresh — letting you reconnect not just with Mother Nature, but yourself, too. Plus, it is a great form of meditation and exercise, which gets your heart pumping, gets your muscles moving, and relaxes your mind.

But a hike is only as successful as the preparation that comes with it. So whether you’re taking a quick break from the city at New York’s Breakneck Ridge, or exploring the basalt columns and glaciers of Iceland, here are some hiking essentials that will make your experience that much more unforgettable.

A Durable Backpack

Apart from being a more convenient method of carrying your things, a good backpack also doubles up as an anchor, especially on exposed trails. It should not be an additional burden that will just strain your muscles. Instead, it should help in keeping you balanced and prevent you from falling over.

This versatile 25-liter outdoor backpack from Vango is one of the best on the market. Its classic-meets-modern appeal makes it ideal for a day’s hike, with its compact size, removable padded waist belt, adjustable shoulder straps, and airforce back system. Also, there are extra zipped pockets on the top and sides — perfect for waterproof storage.

The Right Footwear

Your hiking footwear must suit the terrain and weather conditions of your hike. If you’re going on easy trails, be sure to choose flexible and light shoes that will support the natural movement of your feet. But as you go on more uneven trails, your shoes should give you more stability with higher cuts and reinforcements like heel protectors and thicker outsoles.

In this regard, Reebok recently released two fashion-forward outdoor shoes last May: the Premier Road Modern “Pure Blue” and the DMX Trail Shadow “Clay Red.” Both are specifically built for trail running and hiking, which Reebok shoes are well known for. The Pure Blue has thicker shoe lifts, so they have a better grip, while the Clay Red puts more emphasis on comfort, which makes it the better option for long hikes.

A Water Bottle and Snacks

Staying hydrated and recharging your body are important while hiking. Aside from bringing a handy water bottle, it’s also a good idea to pack calorie-dense trail snacks you can eat while walking.

For a day hike, it’s ideal to carry a hydration pack like the CamelBak Cloud Walker 18 Hiking Hydration Pack. Aside from a sufficient amount of water storage, it also has a detachable sternum strap, a built-in sip tube clip, and compression straps, which make the pack more compact and convenient to carry. These are designed to be inserted in a backpack or worn on their own.

A Travel Camera

While you take in the wonderful surrounding scenery during your hike, capturing a few shots for posterity isn’t a bad idea either. If you have a lightweight camera, you can also carry it with you. Just be sure that you store it in an accessible, weatherproof bag for safekeeping.

On hiking trips, a Sony A7RIII Mirrorless Camera is the right choice, with its lightweight feature and continuous shooting speed. But if you want to capture wider angles, you can include the Zeiss 16-35mm F4 wide angle zoom lens, good for landscapes, interiors, and of course, selfies.

Before you go

Once you’ve gathered all the items above, don’t forget to pack safety items like a first aid kit, flashlight, and whistle. Hopefully, you won’t need them, but it’s better to be prepared. So before heading out the door, double-check your list and make sure you have all your essentials with you.

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