10 Habits of Happy People


Here’s the truth: Being happy isn’t always easy.


We are human, and we all have sh-t days.  Sometimes, we don’t want someone prancing around us giggling and reminding us of how miserable we are when we actually feel miserable.


And you’re allowed to feel upset, frustrated or sad on some days.  But if you don’t pay attention – those few days could turn into weeks, months or even years.  And that’s when it gets unhealthy.


What I’ve learned through my experience with the up’s and down’s of life – is that happiness is a choice.  It takes practice – and by developing healthy habits – can ultimately lead you to smiling more, worrying less and living your best life.



Here are ten habits of healthy and happy people:



 1. Don’t show off.

The core issue here is this: you care too much about gaining approval from others.  The majority of people who feel the need to show off – in a bragging, cocky, flashy kind of way – are overcompensating for their own insecurities.  Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.


2. Talk less.

Listen more.  Think before you speak.  Take time to get to know someone by hearing them – really hearing them.  Offer some space for them to confide in you.  You may actually learn something – which leads me to my next point:


3. Learn daily.

No one knows it all.  And the success of this habit is directly correlated to your perspective.  You can and will learn about life, people, relationships, food, whatever – if you are open-minded enough to accept that there is beauty in everything around you.  A routine trip to the grocery store can become a beautiful lesson.  A stranger could teach you something that you might even deem completely useless – but who’s to say that it won’t benefit you somewhere in the future?


4. Help less fortunate.

This is about purpose.  They say that misery loves company – but so does happiness.  When you give back and invest your energy, time and love into helping others – it will absolutely make you feel good inside.  You’re actually helping others to help yourself – and that’s probably the best kind of selfish you can be.


5. Laugh more.

Watch funny movies, hang out with funny people. Learn how to not take yourself so seriously all of the time.  Do things that make you laugh.  Do things that make you happy.


6. Ignore nonsense.

Rise above it all. If it’s not worth your time or your energy – stay away from it.  You know deep down inside whether something is worth it or not.  Drama is so unbelievably unnecessary and unrewarding – there is no reason for you to be a part of it.  If there are dramatic people in your life that do not contribute anything positive – walk away and let them go with grace. You’ll be surprised at how much happier you become.


7. No entitlement.

That chip on your shoulder? Wipe it off – for good.  If you feel like you deserve everything and a bag of chips – that’s good.  But don’t feel entitled – you should be grateful for all that you have.  Gratitude is the core essence of finding essence.  Instead of focusing on what you don’t have – focus on what you do, and you’ll realize how lucky you actually are.


8. Eat healthy.

What you put into your body will actually affect how you feel about yourself.  Take care of your body and you take care of yourself.  That doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself 24/7.  Find balance in your routines and feel good about your choices.  I used to drink myself silly and chain smoke cigarettes when I was depressed.  When I started making healthier life and food choices – I noticed the change in both my body AND my mood.

The happier you are, the more you will want to take care of your body.  The more you take care of your body, the happier you’ll be.



9. Care for others.

Have empathy and put yourself in others’ shoes.  Don’t make yourself or your problems the center of your universe all of the time.  Do you have friends who seem like they never have time to listen to your problems, but you’re always giving them advice about theirs?  If you don’t – have you ever thought about whether that person is you?

Care for others, hold space for them, and actually give a f-ck about how other people feel.  You will build stronger, more meaningful relationships with people who actually care about you.  And that will contribute greatly to your happiness.


10. Remain positive.

Think about all of the things that could go right.  Think about how exciting this new opportunity is, and all of the wonderful things that could come from it.  When you start feeling negative thoughts come into your head, notice them, and shut them out.  It takes practice, and it’s not always easy – but keeping a positive mindset (even if you’re faking it ’til you make it) – is a powerful way to bring that happiness in and keep it there.





Hey, you – you should be proud of how far you’ve come.  Know that happiness takes practice.  It’s not always laid out to you on a silver platter, and you are allowed to feel sad and frustrated at times.  But you’ve got it in you to allow beautiful things to come into your life – whether it’s in love, family, friendships or career.  And you being happy is going to continue to attract those things into your life.


So smile more, laugh ’til your belly hurts, believe in yourself and inspire others to do the same – by being you.



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