How To Turn Your Living Room Into An Art Gallery

Yes. You can now turn your living room into an art gallery.  Here’s how.


Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend a very special design event in New York City.  It was a beautiful cluster merging of art, tech and interior design.  And it was all thanks to Yves Behar and Samsung.

A lot of my design-friendly mates living in New York City don’t even have TV’s in their apartments because they would rather hang artwork.  Why?  It just looks better.  That’s why I was so interested to see Samsung’s new and most impressive TV to date — The Frame — (aka the most beautiful TV you’ve never seen).  The Frame goes beyond being a TV, and is truly a piece of art.

I walked into what seemed like a high-end design party filled with artists and loads of other creatives in a beautiful loft space in Soho.

Drank prosecco and had a few bites of cheese, as one should at such events.

Every little nook was beautifully curated and designed to showcase the fantastic artwork on display.


But I started noticing slight changes every time I’d return to each corner.


Nope, that’s not artwork hanging in a frame.  It’s artwork displayed on The Frame.  These ‘artworks’ were actually TV’s.

Mind. Blown.

The Frame is not just a TV, but a piece of art with its own built-in art library.  That means you have access to some of the most beautiful artwork that comes pre-downloaded (over 100 designs) to satisfy your interior design cravings.  You can also upload your own images to display, and change out the bezels (from black or white to light or dark wood) to further match your personal design aesthetic.

Here are some of the beautiful displayed pieces that I managed to capture at the event:


Now that that’s all soaked in, can you just imagine the design possibilities?

Oh, you didn’t want to ruin your gallery wall with a tacky TV?  Well, here ya go.

Created in collaboration with designer Yves Béhar, The Frame features Art Mode, which allows users to display a choice of framed artwork and/or photos when the TV is turned off.   And with its brightness sensor, the screen adjusts to ambient light in the room to blend in all on its own.


Absolutely need that TV in your bedroom but tired of staring at that black hole of a screen when you’re not actually watching it?  Well, problem solved.

Designed to hang on the wall just like a picture would, The Frame also features the all-new Invisible Connection cable to manage unsightly cords and clutter with a refined, single cord system. No ugly cords everywhere.


Not a fan of art, but a fan of your own family photographs and want to display them? Cool, here ya go.

The Frame is also a 4K UHD TV with HDR that delivers a superior range of rich color and contrast to displays a wider range of light and dark in the same scene, adding detail to every picture.





It’s an exciting time we live in, guys.  And I’m excited for the endless design and display possibilities that come with The Frame.

What do you think?




This post + experience was sponsored by #Samsung, but all opinions – as always – are entirely my own.

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