How I Stay + Eat Healthy While Traveling

When I first started traveling, I ate whatever, whenever.

There were absolutely no rules to how much or how little I consumed of anything. And sometimes, that’s the best part – you get to let loose a little, ‘TREAT YO’SELF’ and enjoy what goodness comes from a new destination.

But what I absolutely hated about doing this on every single day of every single trip that I went on, is how disgustingly bloated + sluggish I felt during and afterwards.

Since then, I’ve picked up a few healthier habits that I keep in mind while I’m traveling. Here are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that you feel your best while on the road – without having to sacrifice your love of food.



1. Fill up on the way to the airport.

kale blazer naked juice

It’s easy to become a frantic mess when you’re getting ready to go to the airport, and preparing a meal is not always an option. Actually, it’s never an option for me – I’m just not that good at planning.

But I usually grab some fruit, a granola bar and a green veggie juice and shove it in my bag. In this case, it’s two bananas and the Kale Blazer from Naked Juice.

This way, I’m not getting ‘HANGRY’ (angry because I’m hungry), frantically looking for a restaurant, settling on a mediocre one, then stuffing my face like a crazy person.


2. Snack throughout the day, so you don’t overeat.


Think snacks, not huge meals. It’s already stressful enough that you’re lugging around suitcases, camera, and everything else you’ve brought with you – it’s even worse when you have to do all of this while feeling bloated and uncomfortably full.

I like to keep healthy, tasty snacks close (in my crossbody bag), so that whenever I feel hungry (usually every 2 hours) while I’m on the road, I can grab ’em and keep myself satisfied without overeating.

  • Raw almonds / or trail mix
  • Granola Bars
  • Apples / Pears
  • Hummus + Veggie Bowl
  • Fresh Smoothies
  • Dried Fruit

If you’re a planner, pack these snacks in advance. If you’re more like me, you can pick these up inside the airport.


3. Stock up on fruits + veggies.



I make it a priority to eat fruits + veggies everyday – especially when I’m traveling. This keeps me fuller, more energized and satisfied without feeling bloated and sluggish.

The vitamins, the nutrients, the fiber, the flavors – all of these are benefits of stocking up on fruits + veggies, but sometimes these healthier options may not be as available as unhealthier, processed snacks (i.e. potato chips, candy bars, etc.).


naked juice kale blazer

That’s why I love fruit + veggie juice – nutrients, on the go. Drinking a green veggie juice will give you a boost of energy, but also provide your body with the nutrients you need for the day.

Naked Juice just came out with the Kale Blazer – filled with kale leaves, cucumber, spinach, celery, oranges, apples and a hint of ginger and lemon. There’s no added sugar, no preservatives, a whopping 970 mg of potassium and even 4 grams of protein.

Find out where to buy it here.


4. Stay hydrated.

Traveling can be the absolute worst when you’re dehydrated – headaches, bad skin, bad breath – the list goes on. It is so, so very easy to forget to drink more water, so I try to keep an empty bottle around me at all times.

I like to buy a bottle of water before heading to the airport, and chugging it before I get to security. Boom. One bottle down. 8 more to go.

Tip: You can actually bring an empty water bottle through airport security, and then fill it up at a water fountain when you get out. That way, I’m not spending $5 on a bottle of water inside the airport, and make sure I stay hydrated through my flight.


This post was sponsored + inspired by the team over at Naked Juice. All opinions are my own.



So do you have any tips on how you stay healthy while on the road?  Please leave a comment for us below!


With love,


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