15 Rules For a Successful Girls’ Night Out

Who needs boys, when you’ve got your girls? As you guys may have read in my last post (READ: 7 Ways To Boost Your Self Confidence & Feel Beautiful Again), I recently ended a relationship, and am now in the process of re-prioritizing my time (previously spent on my relationship) into myself, my work, my family and my friends.

My friends have been there for me through some of my worst moments, but have also been right there next to me during some of my best. The feeling of having your girls by your side is something that is unmatched – and no matter how deep into a relationship you are with a man/partner, it’s so important to maintain your friendships with your girlfriends.

You’ve got to live your own life.
You’ve got to surround yourself with the people who uplift you.
You’ve got to laugh, and laugh often.
And you’ve got to learn how to let loose and have a good time.

I made a pit stop in Miami after my trip to Costa Rica, and met up with one of my very good friends, Amy – who is a blogger + serious girl boss in her own right. We both work ourselves silly, don’t take enough time for ourselves and stopped going out after 9pm for way too long (considering we’re both still in our 20s). So we decided to have a girls’ night out in Miami, just us – just girls – to let ourselves have a good time for no other reason than because we deserved it after a long, hard week.


Here’s a recap of our night, along with 15 rules for having a successful girls’ night out.


1. Get ready together.

IMG_4939 copy

Getting ready with your friends has often been the MOST fun part of the night. Turn on your favorite playlist, get silly, compare outfits, and do the girliest sh-t ever without being judged. Bring over a bag of options, or borrow your bestie’s clothes/accessories. After all, what are friends for?


2. Wine should be bought AND consumed before the night begins.

IMG_4947 copy
IMG_4950 copy

Friends who drink wine together, stay together.


3. No expectations.

IMG_4967 copy

Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves to have the time of your lives. The more expectations, the more opportunity for disappointment. I know I’m not the only one who has had nights that have ended horribly, thanks to caring WAY too much about having WAY too much fun.

Also, sharing is caring. If you’re going to buy the proper pre-game necessities (snacks, wine, etc.), make sure you split the tab or contribute to the night in some way. No one likes stingy. We split the cost of the bottle of wine via the Square Cash app. You can send money directly to your friends’ bank account without having to cash out. Open the app, send the amount, and BOOM – it’s in your account.


4. Put on those heels, woman.

IMG_4973 copy

No, not for the boys (although they’ll enjoy them as well), but for yourself – so that you can look AND feel good. I 100% believe in the power of dressing up and feeling womanly + feminine for NO reason other than because you damn well feel like it. So go put those favorite heels on and fall in love with yourself again.


5. Take a taxi, or an UBER.

IMG_4978 copy

This way, there’s no need for you to worry about drinking / driving / being responsible / etc. You can get from one place to the next and eventually back home, together and safely.


6. Enjoy the car ride.


DO ask the driver to blast the music. DO put your favorite radio station on. DO enjoy the scenic ride, make random conversation with your driver, share funny cat memes and enjoy the company of your bestie(s).


7. You will NOT ditch your friends for anyone.
IMG_4986 copy

Don’t be that girl. The girl who leaves her friends for her booty call, bae, or boyfriend. Make an agreement that you guys will stay together from start of the night, to finish. This is a night for YOU and your friends, and part of being a good friend, is being able to be counted on. Don’t ditch. The other person / people / boys can wait.


8. TREAT YO’SELF to a restaurant you’ve never been tobefore.

IMG_5004 copy

Go to a restaurant + bar + lounge that you’ve never been before to make new memories and have new stories to tell / inside jokes to geek out about during your next group outing. We decided to go to this restaurant called Sugarcane – recommended by one of our friends – took a look at the menu online and thought it’d be perfect to try, together.


9. Choose a spot where you can actually hear yourselves.

IMG_4996 copy

No blasting music (that’s what the car ride was for). Pick a corner or a place that will allow you to hear yourselves and actually have a conversation. There have been nights when I’ve literally had a sore throat after because I was trying to scream over the loud music, only to have the person on the receiving end ask me to repeat myself AGAIN. Avoid all that, ’cause that can get annoying.


10. Order whatever the h-ll you want.

IMG_4997 copy

I’ve realized that I can’t be friends with people who don’t like to share their food. This makes it so much easier when going to restaurants with my friends. We usually order a bunch of different plates and share family-style. And let yourself loose a little, and order whatever you want. Want to be super healthy? Sure, order stuff that you’d be happy with. But don’t be a Debbie Downer about it. It’s okay to cheat every once in a while, and what better time to do that then with your friends?


11. Try a new cocktail, or get your favorite glass of wine.

IMG_4998 copy

Unwind, get a little tipsy, treat yourself, and have a damn good time. For us, it was a Spicy Margarita (mango, jalapeno, tequila) and a glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc.


12. Get dessert – and stop worrying about your weight.

IMG_5001 copy

Especially if it’s nutella ice cream with caramel popcorn and brownie sundae.


13. Split the tab, without fussing over who ordered what.

IMG_5002 copy

Don’t be that person. The person who combs through every single item to make sure that whoever ate less, pays less. It is one of my biggest pet peeves. If you’re all sharing, why not just split the tab evenly? And even if you did pay a little bit more than what you consumed, just know that your friend will probably end up returning the favor at some other point in your friendship. Don’t keep tabs, just split them, without fussing over the little stuff.


14. One pays, the other one sends their portion.

IMG_5008 copy

We split the cab + the dinner, and Amy sent me her portion of the night’s stuff via the Square Cash App. Click, click, sent. BOOM. Right there in my bank account.


15. Repeat often.


I know that with busy schedules, it’s tough to get around to spending time with your girlfriends – but it is so absolutely necessary. It’s easy to get caught up in relationships, work, school or other priorities – but being around your girlfriends is time that you get to be your true self – no judgment, positive vibes and you’re always guaranteed to have a good time. I’m so grateful for the friendships in my life, especially during the hardest times.


Choose to celebrate, choose to be around the people who uplift you, make you feel great and make you laugh until your abs (or in my case, rolls) hurt. You deserve it.


Big thanks to the team over at Square Cash for making this night hassle and fuss-free. If you guys don’t have the app yet, download it here (apple) or for android users, here. It’s free to download, free to use, free to send money. They don’t take a commission. You don’t have to cash out. Basically the best thing ever. 🙂


So what are your rules for a girls’ night out? Any ideas you’ve got for me, of for our readers? Leave a comment for us below!
With love,

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