Why Giving Is Actually Good For You


I used to be completely consumed by what I wanted from the world. The list grew as I got older – I wanted money, a nice apartment, a bigger closet, a better car, a shorter commute – and I worked hard to get closer to these so-called goals. But the funny thing about life is – it never goes according to your plan.

Almost two years ago, I discovered something about life and happiness – instead of focusing on what you need the world to give you, shift your perspective to focusing on what you can give the world.

Yep, that’s right. It’s not all about you. It certainly isn’t all about me. And the second I realized that – I found my purpose. I knew that there was a purpose to my struggle and a reason why I went through the things I did. And to know that opening up about my story actually HELPED people cope – empowered me to continue to try to help inspire people around the world.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our day to day, clouding our minds with negative things that have happened in the past or silly, frustrating things that have happened to us just today – maybe someone cut you off on the highway, or you spilled your coffee on your shirt before coming into work – maybe someone you trusted deceived you, or your faith is tested by a loved one’s death. Yes, sometimes, life just plain sucks.

But despite all of your struggles and those frustrating little happenings that pop up out of nowhere – the best way to heal and discover your own purpose in life – is by giving.

I was inspired to go to my local grocery store to buy fresh produce and create these images on behalf of the Drink Good, Do Good campaign by Naked Juice + Wholesome Wave – a joint initiative committed to raising awareness for food deserts (areas of the country vapid of fresh fruits and vegetables) – and to take action on helping make fresh fruits and vegetables accessible to everyone.

I didn’t realize how blessed I was to have access to all of these fresh fruits and vegetables, only 2 blocks away from my apartment in Brooklyn. There are millions of people in the U.S. alone who do not have access to fresh produce – that means less nutrients, and unfortunately, more junk. Nearly 3.1 million New Yorkers live in areas where it’s hard to access fresh fruits and vegetables. That’s enough to line Manhattan’s Broadway over 90 times.

Fresh Fruits and Veggies


Fresh Fruits and Veggies

So here’s how you can start giving back to your local communities. All you have to do is take a photo with a fruit and veggie and upload it to instagram or twitter using the #DrinkGoodDoGood hashtag. Naked Juice will donate 10 lbs. of fresh fruits and vegetables to Wholesome Wave for every photo uploaded. Find out more at DrinkGoodDoGood.com

Grapefruit Love

Now THAT is an awesome way to start giving back for a good cause. So, what are some ways that you give back to your community? Leave a comment below!

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