4 Things To Do When You Can’t Travel

You’re stuck at home or the office, staring at all these amazing photographs of all of these wonderful places and the only thing you can think of are the reasons why you can’t just get up and go travel – whatever they may be – lack of vacation days, budget, responsibilities. It’s all exhausting, and I get it – a month or two go by and I’m itching to try something different, see a new place, and meet new people.

So I partnered with HP, inspired by their new x360 laptop – so until you can get up and go on your next adventure, there are a few things to help the time pass by a little quicker. Here are 4 things to do when you can’t travel:


1. Have a staycation.

Hotel Diplomat | Stockholm

Find a friend or your sig-other and book a hotel room in your hometown or somewhere close by. Is it off-season? Even better – prices are cheaper. Take a bubble bath. Watch a new TV show. Snuggle. Have a hotel room get-together with friends for no reason. I’ve found that waking up in a new place always gets me excited, and what better way to wake up than in a fresh, comfy hotel bed?


2. Research your next trip.

HP x360 Laptop Tablet | Grease and Glamour

It takes time to plan. Booking last minute and getting up and going might sound exciting, but it can be the reason why you’re stressed out and unprepared when you get to a new place. I like to research flights, hotels, restaurants, transportation, currency exchange, power converters, and more – BEFORE I head anywhere new. This can take weeks, maybe even a month – and the more prepared you are, the less stressful your trip will be.

Another reason why you should research your next trip is because you’ll get excited. When I started planning for my first trip last year (for about a month), it helped the time pass by so much more quickly. I started building an itinerary, reading more articles, pinning photos to my pinterest account, bookmarking websites – and this excitement gave me something to look forward to. Your friends may start getting sick of you talking about it all the time, but they’ll deal.


3. Get creative.

HP x360 Laptop Tablet | Grease and Glamour

Photography for me has always been an outlet, and it’s been something that’s allowed me to stay creative and inspired even when I’m not traveling. When you become stuck in the humdrum of everyday life, it’s hard to get out of that cycle.

Everyday moments can become that much more special when you start thinking about them and looking at them with a different perspective. Creativity is something that can be applied to your everyday life, and practicing this will open your mind to accept new challenges, and take on new adventures.


4. Start a new hobby.

HP x360 Laptop Tablet

Learn something new. Try a paint and wine class – if they don’t offer those in your area, start one with a group of friends. Wipe your old camera off and bring it out to play – ask a friend or family member to come with you to explore a new spot in your neighborhood. Watch the sunset – it’s beautiful and it’s free.

Take a dance class, or go to a show. P.S. If you haven’t been to a concert, or love going to them – HP is going on tour with Meghan Trainor – look up the dates here and see if it’s coming to a city near you.

Learn a new language, preferably one that’s spoken in the place you would want to visit – so when your friends are struggling trying to ask where the train station is, you’ll be there to save the day. 🙂



This post was inspired by the HP x360 laptop – designed for a completely new way of creating thanks to the four different modes – Laptop, Tablet, Tent, and Stand by. Awesome things happen when you decide to look at things differently.

What do you guys think about the laptop, and what are some things that you do when you’re anxiously waiting for your next travel adventure?



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