10 Success Stories of People Who Refused To Quit Pursuing Their Dreams

1. Mark Cuban

Until 25, a bartender at his own bar. Currently the Dallas Mavericks owner, entrepreneur and billionaire.

Mark Cuban on Success | Inspiration | Quotes

2. Suze Orman

Until 30, a waitress. Currently a finance guru, best-selling author and motivational speaker. suze orman inspirational quote

3. Harrison Ford

Until his 30s, a carpenter. Currently, well, you know – actor and producer. Harrison Ford | Inspirational Quotes | Success

4. Pejman Nozad

Until his 30s, a rug dealer. Currently, one of the most successful angel investors in Silicon Valley. PEJMAN NOZAD SILICON VALLEY INVESTOR SUCCESS STORY

5. Manoj Bhargava

Until 30, a taxi driver and monk. Currently, billionaire entrepreneur & founder of 5 Hour Energy. Manoj-Bhargava

6. J.K. Rowling

Until 31, a single mom on welfare. Currently, British novelist best known as the author of Harry Potter – the best-selling book series in history, which eventually became the best-selling movie series in history. JK ROWLING INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES

7. Ang Lee, film director

Until 31, a jobless house husband. Currently, the first Asian director to win an Oscar, Golden Globe, and BAFTA for Best Director, and is the only director to win both the Golden Bear and Golden Lion multiple times. ang lee

8. Amancio Ortega

Until 30, a shirt shop helper. Currently, the fourth richest person in the world & founder of Zara.

9. Mary Kay Ash

Until 45, sold books and home goods door-to-door. Eventually became the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics and one of the most influential businesswomen in American history. MARY KAY ASH INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE

10. Ray Kroc

Until 52, sold paper cups and milkshake mixers. Eventually became the founder of McDonald’s and built it into the most successful fast food chain in the world. RAY KROC INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE

So I hope you’ll be inspired by these 10 people who made the decision to keep pushing. There is no time limit and they didn’t take the conventional path towards success – each story is different, and I truly do believe that everyone has a shot. Don’t ever give up.

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