Why the Loft Hostel in Iceland Isn’t Any Old Hostel

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. I heard it tons of times from friends and family before leaving New York City for my month-long flashpacking trip:

Wait, what… You’re staying in a hostel?

Yeah, man. For a few days Tineey and I slept, ate and relaxed inside the Loft Hostel in Reykjavik, Iceland, and it was absolutely wonderful because it’s not just any old hostel. Here’s why.

1. The lobby looks like this.

Loft Hostel | Reykjavik Iceland

Modern, scandinavian-inspired decor is all over the hostel. The vibe is clean with minimal lines but bright pops of coordinated colors. Tres hip.

Loft Hostel | Reykjavik Iceland Loft Hostel | Reykjavik Iceland

Extra points for the adorable entrance.

Loft Hostel Reykjavik Iceland Bike Rack


2. There’s an awesome lounge + relaxing area.

Loft Hostel | Reykjavik Iceland

Oh, did I mention there was a bar?

Loft Hostel Reykjavik Iceland Bar

When you walk right past reception you’ve got this awesome common area where you can do just about whatever. The bookcases/vintage trunks are filled with magazines and books; there are plenty of tables + plush couches for you to do work or just play board games with friends.

Loft Hostel | Reykjavik Iceland


3. Our room was clean, cool and comfortable.

Loft Hostel | Reykjavik Iceland

Fresh towels were on the bed upon arrival, and we made ourselves right at home.

loft hostel beds towels Loft Hostel | Reykjavik Iceland

And the view from our window is just perfect, especially in the snow.

loft hostel window viewIMG_1765 IMG_1759 loft hostel window view


4. The location couldn’t be more convenient.

Loft Hostel Reykjavik Iceland

You’re in the middle of Reykjavik, close to bars, restaurants, shops and everything else.

Loft Hostel Reykjavik Iceland

This is the view from the balcony, located on the fourth floor right outside of the lobby, and what an epic view it is, no?

Loft Hostel Reykjavik Iceland

If you need a place to stay that’s budget friendly, but you don’t want to skimp on cleanliness + service, I’d definitely recommend Loft Hostel in Reykjavik, Iceland.


So let’s dive a little deeper. Here are a few things to note:

There is a breakfast buffet every morning but it’s not free – it’s around 1400 ISK, roughly 14 USD. You’ll get skyr (Iceland’s version of yogurt), croissants (regular + chocolate), bagels + cream cheese and fresh juice + coffee + tea.

There is only hand soap available for you in the bathroom. All toiletries + cleaning items will need to be brought on your own.

There is a napkin-like dispenser in the bathroom, so there’s no standard toilet paper. Hey, it worked for us and if you’re not high maintenance about using quadruple-ply quilted toilet paper then you’ll be fine.

The shower is compact, but the water pressure is nice and there’s no problem with hot water (thanks to the geothermal goodness of the Earth beneath the island).

The key access is electronic which is super convenient.

It was super quiet in the hostel itself, but Reykjavik on the weekends can get pretty loud, especially around the area. The Icelandic people know how to have themselves a real party, so if you don’t mind the noise at around 1-3 AM (hell, you might be out there with everyone else), it’ll all be good.

Free wifi is available throughout the hostel, but service seems to work better in the lobby.

Lastly, the staff is incredibly helpful and super friendly. We almost missed one of our tours in the morning, and Anna, the Head of Reception, personally came down to check on us. Thank goodness for her because she saved our asses – we would have missed out on the next two days of touring the island. Still half asleep and barely prepared for the tour, but she somehow convinced the tour guide to come back for us in ten minutes.

For more info, photos and event updates + news, click through to Loft Hostel’s website at LoftHostel.is.

They’ve also got a great rating on TripAdvisor, so check out those reviews here.


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